Living “Off the Grid” Catching on Worldwide

When you think of living off the grid do you have visions of a lone man in a shack hidden by foliage? A number of people do, but the trend of living off the grid is growing with nearly 2 million people currently off the grid worldwide. Thanks to the increased interest, the accommodations are getting more comfortable too!

The Most Popular Place to Find Distributed Power

Africa is by far the most common place you’ll see people staying off the grid, but that doesn’t mean residents are living in hovels. In South Africa, one couple has created a suburban paradise completely off the grid. Using a solar water heater and solar panels they have completely eliminated their dependence on the power grid and they aren’t alone.

Good for You and Nature

There are two main reasons people decided to make the leap to being off the grid. The first is economic. You have to spend a significant amount of money up front, but over time you save money by reducing or eliminating your utility bills.

The second main reason people like to go off the grid is to reduce their environmental impact. Green energy tends to be more expensive which requires people to be more conscious of their energy use choices. That doesn’t mean it’s green by default, but it can certainly encourage reduced consumption.

The trend is so strong that even amateur architects are getting involved. Check out this couple that built a home in the Australia bush completely off the grid with just a couple of shipping containers.

While it may not be right for everyone, it’s certainly an interesting trend that could lead to environmentally friendly

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