Free Hiking Training Plan

Discover The Stamina & Strength For Days Of Hiking In ONLY 4 Weeks…

Without Injury, Exhaustion, Or Falling Behind!

Finishing a hike takes stamina and strength. It doesn’t matter if it’s a one-day hike or three days walking around Disneyland…

NO ONE wants to fall behind or be the one holding up the group.

But you can build the strength, stamina, and endurance to master your trip in only 4 weeks with this FREE training plan.

Inside you’ll discover quick and simple routines anyone can use to:

  • Quickly build your strength, stamina, and endurance
  • Become injury-proof, even after days of walking, hiking, or climbing
  • Be the most prepared in your group in ONLY 4 weeks!

A couple of weeks into the program and I am already feeling less anxious about my ability to keep up on my trip and have fun while I’m doing it.

– Amy

Get Fit For Your Next Trip In ONLY 4 Weeks

Simple and easy to follow

Simple and easy to follow

Specifically designed to make training simple. With clear steps that ANYONE can understand and work with.

Anyone Can Get Fit

Anyone Can Get Fit

No matter what age, weight, or level of physical fitness this training will help increase your overall health.

No BS Approach

No BS Approach

We cut out all the bloating and BS to get to ONLY the simple basics and steps that you need to succeed!

Your Hiking Success Starts BEFORE You Ever Hit The Trail!

What will happen if you AREN’T prepared for your next trip?

Will you fall behind?  Will you even finish the trip?

It’s not always as simple as “just walking”… Whether it’s a day out on the local trails with friends… 3 days at Disneyland with the family…

Or scratching out a bucket list item and climbing Kilimanjaro…

Adventuring and hiking can be rough if you’re not prepared.

But who has time for that, right?  Well, let me show you the quick and simple, no-BS way to get fit for your trip…

Hi, I’m Marcus Shapiro, founder of Fit For Trips, personal fitness coach, and creator of multiple hiking success training plans.

I’ve dedicated my life to showing others how to get in the best shape of their lives. When I first graduated and started my physical training career I made a jaw-dropping discovery…

There were trainers for sports, running, even for injuries… But NO ONE was helping hikers or adventurists.

People were just taking to the trails and 2,500 were getting injured on their first trip out.

And ALL of those injuries were avoidable with just a little bit of focused training.  But there was no one showing people HOW to prepare for their trip…

Which is why I created the ‘Fit For Trips Hiking Success Training Plans’… 

So anyone and everyone could get into better physical shape easily and quickly.  That way, they could stay ahead of the group no matter where they chose to adventure.

See, there’s nothing worse than being the one holding your group back… Or failing to complete a trip you’ve been dreaming of… Or worse, being out on the trail and getting injured…

And I want to help you avoid being that guy (or gal).  So you can fully enjoy any adventure– without worrying about falling behind, fearing injuries, or having to give up.

To do that, I want to give you a FREE 4 Week Hiking Success Plan.

Inside the ‘Fit For Trips 4 Week Hiking Success Training Plan’, you’ll find simple routines anyone can follow.  No matter what age, fitness level, or even when the last time you trained was…

In only 4 weeks, you’ll be prepared to tackle your next trip and improve your overall health.

I Want To Help You Get Fit For Your Next Trip With A Free 4-Week Hiking Success Training Plan

Just Tell Me Where To Send It…

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