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How do you calculate how much water you need for a hike?

Instructions for Calculating Your Estimated Water Intake for Your Next Hike or Walk

1 – Input your body weight in pounds or kilograms

2 – Enter your hike distance

3 – Enter your average hiking speed OR Enter your average hiking pace

4 – View your Predicted Water Intake calculation at the bottom of the calculator

This hiking calculator can estimate the duration of your hike at an average pace and suggest the amount of water you should consume.

If you are an experienced hiker, you may already have a good idea of your hydration needs for challenging hikes, easy hikes, extremely hot hikes, and very cold hikes. However, this calculator can provide a starting point for determining your hydration requirements.

It’s important to always carry a water filtration device and be aware of the locations of water sources in case you run out of water. This is particularly crucial if you need to carry more than 4 liters of water, as it becomes impractical to carry that much without planning for refills. If you lack confidence in your fluid intake, begin with easy hikes in non-remote populated areas.

Carrying an electrolyte drink mix or hydration formula on your hike is important.

The conventional wisdom is to carry water in your hydration bladder and some kind of hydration mix in a separate water bottle. If the calculator recommends carrying 3 L of water, you can carry 2 L in your hydration bladder and a 32 oz (approximately 1 L) bottle containing hydration mix. You can practice on walks and hikes to figure out what the best combination will be for you.

Which brand of electrolyte drink mix is best?

There are significant differences among electrolyte drink mix brands. For example, LMNT contains almost zero sugar and 1000 mg of sodium, while Skratch Sport Hydration Drink Mix has 19 g of sugar (for energy) and 400 mg of sodium. It’s important to try out different formulas and brands. If you have any medical conditions, be sure to consult your nutritionist or doctor for advice.  This related article discusses electrolyte drink mixes and provides suggestions for you to experiment with.

How do you rehydrate in the morning before exercising or hiking?

If you plan to exercise in the morning, weigh yourself before bed and again after waking up. The difference will give you the amount of weight lost overnight. Drink enough water to replenish the lost weight. If drinking a large amount of water is uncomfortable, try to have at least 16 ounces and make sure to sip water or a hydration formula every 20 minutes during exercise or hiking.

2.2 lb = 1 liter (1 L), 1000 milliliters (mL) or ~33 oz of water

If you drink 6-8 oz of coffee or caffeine, have the same amount with electrolytes or a pinch of salt to offset dehydration.

This calculator was inspired by a conversation between Dr. Andy Galpin and Dr. Andrew Huberman distilled into this video.

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