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custom fitness training for Kilimanjaro

Want to get in shape for your next adventure?

We can craft a world class customized fitness program - to fit perfectly into your monthly calendar - that respects work, family and personal obligations. We’ve trained 1000+ people like you with adventures to the summit of Kilimanjaro, through the Inca Trail and from Rim to Rim across the Grand Canyon. There are no obstacles to getting in shape that we can't problem solve for. If you have a fitness adventure goal we can help get you there.



Hi, I’m Marcus Shapiro, owner of Fit For Trips. I provide workout solutions for people all over the world and locally here in Marietta, Georgia, U.S.

If you have scoured the internet long enough and have not found training advice that you will stick with and that works, look no further. Book a time with me to discuss how to train for your next big adventure, what equipment will give you the best results and anything else on your mind.

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