Katie C.My Kilimanjaro trek with Thomson Safaris was a once in a life time experience, made even more special by the fact that I was in top physical form and fully prepared… thanks to Fit for Trips! I’ll definitely be recommending their services to future trekkers.
Katie C.
Thomson Safaris – Kilimanjaro Program Manager
Shirley M. from FloridaHello Marcus — Just wanted to let you know that my rim-to-rim went very well!! Thank you for all the help! — I know that I did this with your help – and a great outfitter — And by the way — I did lead the way on the uphills — sometimes I think that I am part goat. I think the Fit For Trips program sets you up for certain success.
Shirley M. from Florida
Rim-to-Rim | Four Seasons Guides
Mark N. from IowaMy body felt great after my rim to river to rim Grand Canyon hike. Never felt so good after a long hike. The Fit for Trips exercises targeted the muscles that needed to be shaped up and made the hike much more enjoyable. Never would have thought about doing all those exercises. To be able to wake up after a 10-mile hike, 4500-foot ascent and jump out of bed and not be stiff and sore truly enhanced my experience.
Mark N. from Iowa
Grand Canyon Rim to Rim | The World Outdoors
Jim M. from MichiganI am back from climbing the Volcanoes in Ecuador and can report that “Fit for Trips” exercise plan worked. I was in great shape and performed beyond my expectations. In fact, the local lead guide commented: “You are really in good shape.” One of my fellow climbers asked for your site because he was so impressed with my fitness. Unfortunately terrible weather turned us back from the major summit, but I still got to 18,000 feet in a technical climb involving ropes, crampons, ice axe, etc.
Jim M. from Michigan
Ecuador Volcano Climb | Jagged Globe
William F. from MassachusettsIn response to your query, let me tell you that your program is excellent. I followed your 3-month program scrupulously and am in the best shape I have been in since I was in High School. It gave me the confidence that I was certain that if I were not affected by the altitude there was no question that I would reach the summit. The altitude was not a problem and I reached the summit easily. I will certainly find other mountains to climb. I will gladly recommend you to anyone who asks and feel free to use me as a reference.
William F. from Massachusetts
Kilimanjaro Trek Western Approach | Thomson Safaris
Meg B. from MassachusettsIt definitely worked for me. I really appreciated being able to touch base regularly with the staff. They helped me immensely. I have NEVER been in such good shape in my life. In fact- people have asked me how I did it! I did the 9-day Kilimanjaro trek. I experience no aches, pains or any other physical ailments on the trip. No doubt this was because I was completely physically prepared. I will definitely use Fit For Trips another time. And hopefully soon- as I am now addicted to adventure!
Meg B. from Massachusetts
Kilimanjaro Trek Western Approach | Thomson Safaris
Patricia B. from North CarolinaI was not skeptical because I know I am motivated by having a definite plan. Fit for Trips gave me that. It definitely worked. After a walking trip that proved to be more difficult than expected, I decided to train for the next one. What a difference! I was never stressed and enjoyed every day after my Fit for Trips training. I don’t have to be the first one up the hill, but I can’t stand having the group waiting for me at the top. This never happened after I trained prior to the trip.
Patricia B. from North Carolina
Tuscany and Umbria Walking Tour | The Wayfarers
Christi W. from Puerto Vallarta, MexicoI didn’t realized how incredibly personalized and perfectly matched to me every single day of the program would be. It started at the exactly right level for my fitness, and built perfectly throughout the 10 weeks. During the trek, I saw how every single activity prepared me for my adventure. I had the stamina and strength to make it up and down the long hills from Lukla to Everest Base Camp (at 17,600 feet!) and back again. The program was perfectly targeted to my needs. I was thrilled with absolutely everything.
Christi W. from Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
Everest Base Camp Trek | Abercrombie & Kent
Ruby B. from New York, 78 years youngI returned this week from Rwanda and trekking the Mountain Gorillas. The trip was fabulous, exceeded my expectations. I want to thank you very much for creating the fitness program for me. It made such a difference. I was able to walk the inclines of the mountains and the miles to and from the forests without strain (and slipped a few times in the mud without injury). Your support was excellent and I would recommend your company to others who are taking a similar trip.
Ruby B. from New York, 78 years young
Gorillas in the Mist | Terra Incognito Ecotours
Christine P. from OhioA part of my trip was hiking 1000 feet in 1 mile. I was able to do this with ease. I was remembering the stability exercises done on the angle block and the treadmill cardio done at high inclines as I was hiking up the never-ending hill.The Fit for Trips Fitness Program definitely allowed me to be more physically ready for my trip. I could not have gotten physically ready with my current work out plan or with the resources I have at my disposal.
Christine P. from Ohio
Slackpacking In Georgia | Adventures In Good Company
Ali R. from MassachusettesI made it to the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro! I was SO prepared for the rigors of the Umbwe Route. Each day was really fun, challenging, but in no way more than my body could handle. I was never even sore following any of the long trekking days. Fit for Trips was fantastic! Before my trip, I was confident that my workouts were efficient and focused – this gave me enormous peace of mind. During the trip, I was energized and felt prepared for the rigors of the trail.
Ali R. from Massachusettes
Kim M. from ArizonaEverything helped but certainly the leg exercises were the most important for me. I had strong legs to begin with but the different exercises for all parts of my lower body strengthened muscles I hadn’t used in a while and made the areas even stronger. I also benefited from upper body training. I didn’t really think of how much upper body strength would be needed for trekking but I’m glad it was in my program.
Kim M. from Arizona
Kilimanjaro Trek | Thomson Safaris
Thomas K. from WashingtonI was somewhat skeptical about needing to be guided through a program to climb Kili. However, I feel that with your preparation I was able to do the trek and successfully summited.
Thomas K. from Washington
Kilimanjaro Trek Western Approach | Thomson Safaris
Mary B. from FloridaMy daughter and I decided to climb Mt Kilimanjaro together to celebrate my 57th birthday. I got your program and we trained together for three months before the climb. Each phase started out as a challenge, and it was a real confidence-builder as we mastered each one. Once on the mountain we were confronted with the worst weather our guides had experienced in years. Despite daily rain (then snow and sleet!) — which made for some long days — neither of us had any problems with muscle fatigue or shortness of breath, even above 10K feet.
Mary B. from Florida
Kilimanjaro Climb and Safari | Adventures in Good Company
Ann J. from ConnecticutI felt physically prepared for the trip and in better shape than some of the others on the trip.
Ann J. from Connecticut
Kim W. from BaltimoreI successfully summited Mt. Kilimanjaro thanks in large part to Fit For Trips. The program offered me the physical preparation for the strenuous climb and I was given individual attention and support whenever I needed it. Modifications were made as needed by the coaches. I highly recommend Fit For Trips. Thank you Marcus. You were a godsend!
Kim W. from Baltimore
Kilimanjaro Trek Western Approach | Thomson Safaris
Jane S. from ArkansasIn his book “Kissing Kilimanjaro”, Daniel Dorr states that to successfully climb Kilimanjaro one needs to have three full buckets: fitness, attitude, and altitude. Thanks, Fit For Trips, for filling my fitness bucket. The program was well suited for one such as me who is not big on working out in the gym. The home version gave me the level of fitness I needed to climb the mountain. I never had to worry if my muscles would work for me…just focused on breathing!
Jane S. from Arkansas
Kilimanjaro Trek Western Approach | Thomson Safaris
Christine T. from WashingtonWe changed our plans for summit day [on Mt. Kilimanjaro] due to bad weather. When we got up in the morning it was a blizzard-we left camp at 6am and summited at 1pm that day. The guides used a pickaxe to break up the snow so we could hike through the snow (about 5-6″). Our guide was surprised that we all made summit as he expected we would turnaround due to the weather. Fortunately, about an hour before summiting the snow stopped and we were able to see the incredible glaciers. Out photos did not do the glaciers justice. Great trip! Thanks for all your help. I definitely used all my training to make it through this long day!
Christine T. from Washington
Kilimanjaro Trek Western Approach | Thomson Safaris
Ellen R. from KansasThe leg exercises really helped me on the ascent out of the canyon. I was not struggling nearly as much as others and I still had energy when I reached the South Rim. This is a wonderful and comprehensive program for those planning on engaging in strenuous hikes. I was able to do the Grand Canyon Rim to Rim and had no problems at all due to the correct training. Thank you Fit for Trips!
Ellen R. from Kansas
requested Grand Canyon Rim to Rim
Christina M. from West VirginiaIn the past I prepared on my own and was disappointed with the results. The recommendation and relationship from Adventures in Good Company provided me the confidence that working with you would be a good investment. The program definitely worked for me. I am an occasional hiker. However, I faithfully followed the great but tough program that was created for me and I was on heels of really good, experienced hikers every day, especially on the long, steep, uphill climbs.
Christina M. from West Virginia
Hiking and Highlights in Bhutan | Adventures in Good Company
Donna B. from North CarolinaEvery part of the program was right on track. The combination of exercises and the increased intensity got me ready without me realizing I was ready!
Donna B. from North Carolina
Kilimanjaro Trek | Adventures in Good Company
Jill R. from PennsylvaniaIt absolutely worked. Amazing. I felt strong the entire trip and did better than people much younger than me. The program gave me confidence but also prepared me well for the adventure. I was on top of my game.
Jill R. from Pennsylvania
Kilimanjaro Trek Grand Traverse | Thomson Safaris
Porter S. from ColoradoI would recommend your program highly to any “sixty-something” fool enough to bite-off such a challenge!
Porter S. from Colorado
Benedict 100 | Paragon Guides

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Bev J. from Alberta, CanadaI thought the program was excellent and it prepared me fully for the trip! I felt physically strong throughout the whole climb. Being physically prepared for the challenges of Kilimanjaro was critical. Although it was difficult, I was physically strong both going up and coming down. Being physically prepared also helped with mental strength, as I was more confident. I really liked the program as it was easy to follow, specific and the supporting videos were excellent.
Bev J. from Alberta, Canada
Kilimanjaro Trek Grand Traverse | Thomson Safaris
Earle “Bud” M. from North DakotaThe Fit for Trips program was exactly what I needed to get in shape to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro. At age 74 I was out of shape and wanted to join my daughter on this adventure. Fit for Trips came up with a program that while difficult, it was exactly what I needed to take on the challenge of Kilimanjaro.
Earle “Bud” M. from North Dakota
Kilimanjaro Climb and Safari | REI
Fred B. from TexasBy successfully completing my personalized Fit for Trips program I was fully prepared for my Kilimanjaro trek. My prepared physical condition exceeded the physical demands of the actual trek. I never even had sore muscles on the trek. Fully satisfying program. Marcus’s program adjustments in response to my training performance certainly contributed to success. His assessment that I was ready for the trek was a morale booster as I prepared to leave for the trip.
Fred B. from Texas
Kilimanjaro Trek Grand Traverse | Thomson Safaris
Ashraf T. from IllinoisThe program was a big help. It gave me the perfect exercises for the trip.
Ashraf T. from Illinois
Kilimanjaro Trek Grand Traverse | Thomson Safaris
Deborah S. from New YorkMarcus, I am back from Kilimanjaro and I did make it to the summit. I cannot thank you enough for your fitness advice, which totally prepared me for what I needed to do and more. The fact that I live in New York with no hills and no altitude was not an issue because of the regimen you had me doing. Thank you again for all of your support! This was truly new territory for me and preparing for it physically was new. I trained according to the program and felt great all the way to the summit.
Deborah S. from New York
Kilimanjaro Trek Grand Traverse | Thomson Safaris
Stephanie C. from Dorset, EnglandSo very pleased that I threw myself into personalized program. My overall fitness improved greatly, I also lost weight and felt more toned. My 80-85 mile trip went by with out a single hiccup or blister. Fit for trips enhanced my experience greatly because I felt confident and positive. You can’t fail to enjoy this incredible walk, but having no worries about endurance, the varied terrain and completing each day made the experience even more wonderful.
Stephanie C. from Dorset, England
Coast to Coast Walking Vacation | The Wayfarers
Alisa W. from MichiganThe program worked great! I found that I actually had less discomfort and more energy than those that were “more experienced”
Alisa W. from Michigan
Horseback Riding in Ireland | Adventure Women
Deborah D. from CaliforniaI had been training for my gorilla trekking trip to Rwanda for several months. I added the Fit for Trips training program to my regular program to ensure that I would be in the best possible shape for my trip. It was a great program and gave me confidence that I would be able to complete the treks. I had a great trip! The fitness program gave me the confidence that what I had been doing to prepare was good preparation and added in components I hadn’t thought to do. I do think it helped significantly.
Deborah D. from California
Gorillas in the Mist | Terra Incognito Ecotours

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Karen G. from ColoradoTrekking 3/4 around Mt. Kilimanjaro I kept noting how physically well-prepared I was feeling: “At 55 I feel in the best shape of my life. I have great balance as I teeter over unsteady rocks, solid strength as I pull myself up and mental toughness as I do this last stretch to the summit!”. Each week of the personally designed program from Fit for Trips left me feeling better about myself than the prior one. I had a new outlook on life; a vision of what could be accomplished. Never did I imagine in 1999 when I was short of breath walking up the amphitheater steps at Red Rocks that one day I would be bounding up them 2-3 at a time
Karen G. from Colorado
Kilimanjaro Trek Grand Traverse | Thomson Safaris
Linda M. from WisconsinBefore Fit For Trips I would drool over some of the active vacations and then pass because I did not have the confidence I could do them with reasonable comfort. No more! Fit For Trips knows their stuff!! I am now looking at biking in Thailand and hiking in Patagonia!!! Being fit for an active trip makes it WAY MORE FUN!!
Linda M. from Wisconsin
Canadian Rockies | Backroads
Marilyn R. from CaliforniaI DID get to hike on the glacier with crampons. My son told the guide I was very fit & not to judge me by the age. I am SO glad I got to do that, as it was beautiful & fun! The program you set up for me was beneficial & I was never tired. Try to go to Patagonia sometime.
Marilyn R. from California
Patagonia Adventure | Senderos Naturales
Brenda P. from ColoradoI had confidence knowing that my training for Kilimanjaro was proven with prior clients. Since this was my first big peak, I didn’t know how to train on my own — Fit for Trips was perfect! I loved how there was an opportunity for both outside and gym training.
Brenda P. from Colorado
Kilimanjaro Trek | Adventures in Good Company
Morgan M. from New YorkWell I just completed the Tour du Mont Blanc hike. 10 days of pretty grueling hiking in the Alps, covering 10 towns, 3 countries and over 115 miles. A typical day was 3,000-4,000 feet straight up over about 3 hours and then 3,000 feet down, this for 10 days in a row, as we worked our way around Mont Blanc. I never could have done this without your help, Marcus, so thank you very much!
Morgan M. from New York
Tour du Mont Blanc | Mountain Travel Sobek
Nicholas T. from GeorgiaBased on Thomson recommendation I tried Fit for Trips and it was great. I would recommend this to anyone. The service is great but beyond that the exercises really get you into shape and ready for the trip. Since I usually train on the same trails I have a rather good benchmark to judge improvements. .I improved by at least +33.3% and I thought I was in good shape to begin with. Matter of fact I was so impressed with it that I continue to use it for other trips and activities.
Nicholas T. from Georgia
Kilimanjaro Grand Traverse Trek | Thomson Safaris
Barbara R. from New YorkJust wanted to tell you that I leave tomorrow morning for my canoe/camping adventure in Maine, and, thanks to your program and support and my doing what I’m told, I feel very ready! I just did a last leisurely swim this morning and felt good and strong and raring to go.
Barbara R. from New York
Tara H. from TorontoI have safely returned from my Tanzanian adventure and it was absolutely incredible! I can honestly say that my journey up Kilimanjaro was truly unforgettable and standing on that summit was awesome in the purest sense of the word! I must thank you for your program and support in the weeks leading up to the climb – going into this, I was a completely novice hiker, but I was in excellent shape to tackle every challenge the mountain threw at me. My guide mentioned to me that he was really impressed with my fitness level on summit night – a testament to your excellent preparation and program!
Tara H. from Toronto
Kilimanjaro Trek – Rongai Route | G Adventures
Thomas P. from MiamiJust as promised I wanted to write and tell you that I made my climb to the top of Kilimanjaro’s Umbwe route with very little difficulty. I do believe that your program helped alot in me achieving this success.
Thomas P. from Miami
Kilimanjaro Umbwe Route | Thomson Safaris
Wafa N. from Abu DhabiThanks for your help. I made it to Kilimanjaro on December 3rd, 2009!
Wafa N. from Abu Dhabi
Machame Route Kilimanjaro | Shah Tours



At Fit For Trips, we don't plan your trip. We don't guide your trip. We don't go on your trip. We simply ensure that you arrive at your destination in optimal physical shape. Doing so will provide you the best chance to enjoy the adventure exactly as your tour operator intended it to be.

Created by fitness trainer and adventure enthusiast Marcus Shapiro, Fit For Trips leads the adventure travel-fitness industry with impressive - itinerary specific - resistance and endurance conditioning programs. Past clients will tell you that every trip begins with Fit For Trips...


In 1998, Marcus was reminiscing about past adventures with his wife Pam, when he discerned that their extraordinary travels were not exclusively the result of unique itineraries and knowledgeable guides. They had also benefited from confidence - self assurance achieved by applying specific training principles up to each and every trip-departue. With over twenty years of fitness experience and a passion for adventure travel, Marcus launched Fit For Trips in 2009 so that every adventurer could get fit enough to fulfill their travel bucket list. We ask for the opportunity to pass on our knowledge unto you.

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