Featured Trip: Baffin Island’s Polar Bears and Glaciers offered by AdventureWomen

Baffin Island PolarBears

This trip to Baffin Island is designed for active, adventurous women who have a strong love of the wild outdoors...and when we say, “wild outdoors” we mean it. Think tracking down polar bears by land, kayaking among the icebergs and bowhead whales by sea while staying at an exclusive campsite in an incredibly remote, rustic location.

Everything from experiencing the midnight sun to indulging in fresh Arctic char will thrill and delight. This trip truly is a once in a lifetime experience.

Baffin Island trip overview

  • Dates: Aug 14 » Aug 21, 2017
  • Cost: Starts at $9,595 ($1,500 deposit)
  • Activity level: Moderate

Trip highlights

As part of this trip, adventurers will get to observe polar bears in their natural habitat and visit a newly discovered bowhead whale molting area. This is one of the rarest wildlife experiences in the Arctic. Hiking to the foot of Coronation Fiord where the Penny Ice Cap Glacier ends abruptly in the sea water is on the agenda as is visiting Canada’s stunning Auyuittuq National Park.


Why we love this trip to Baffin Island

It’s all about the unique experiences in this trip. Sure, all of our featured trips are unique in some way - that’s what we here at Fit For Trips love helping to make happen. However, sleeping in a yurt? In the furthest reaches of the Arctic? To observe polar bears and bow whales in the wild while hiking on glaciers? Are you kidding? That’s awesome. Sign us up!

Some of the amazing things you will see and do on this trip:

  • Animal Tracking
  • Anthropology
  • Bear Viewing
  • Birding
  • Boat Cruising
  • Cultural Exploration
  • Fishing
  • Flightseeing
  • Glacier Exploration
  • Glamping
  • National Parks
  • Natural History
  • Photography
  • Sea Kayaking
  • Sightseeing
  • Walking
  • Whale Watching
  • Wildlife Viewing
Baffin Island Polar Bear on an Iceburg

How to get fit for this trip

AdventureWomen rates this trip as "Moderate" which means that you must be in very good physical condition. Trips of this designation offer moderate physical challenges. You should be able to hike from 5 - 8 miles, in rolling terrain. In addition, many of their international trips are rated moderate because of the rigors of international travel. On this trip you can expect hiking, getting in and out of boats on rocky beaches, so stability on rough and slippery surfaces is essential. You will also need upper body strength for all of the kayaking.

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