Look out for an email with next step details...

Meanwhile, you have an opportunity to consider some other facets to Fit For Trips, besides your program and the support you will receive.

CONSIDER BEING AND AMBASSADOR OF FIT FOR TRIPS. What that means is that you inform people about our solution to get people fit for their adventure and outdoor activities

You can earn money that just gets deposited into a paypal account from which you can let sit or use to purchase other things on the web. Or perhaps you don't care about the money but you just like to be an influencer when you know a good thing.

Fill out five fields and all done. You will receive a special link you send to friends and when they sign up a code is generated that is specific to your account.

If you want to be real proactive you can send to all Facebook friends or set up a little website to promote our services.

Whether we pay to market our services online or pay an ambassador, it must be done.

THE OTHER THING WE WANT TO TELL YOU ABOUT IS OUR BLOG. We publish articles every week that keep you informed about what is going on in the adventure travel world. You can come back to the site anytime to check it out. We also send out a newsletter that is included with the purchase of your program. You can unsubscribe from it if you are not interested.

We will be in touch soon. THANKS AGAIN!