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“Hello Marcus- Just wanted to let you know that my rim-to-rim went well!! Thank you for all the help!- I know that I did this with your help- and a great outfitter- And by the way- I did lead the way on the uphills-sometimes I think that I am part goat. I think the Fit For Trips program sets you up for certain success.”

Shirley M. from Florida
Rim-to-Rim- Four Sesaons Guides

“My body felt great after my rim to rim Grand Canyon hike. Never felt so good after a long hike. The Fit For Trips exercises targeted the muscles that needed to be shaped up and made the hike much more enjoyable. Never would have thought about doing all those exercises. To be able to wake up after a 10-mile hike, 4500-foot ascent and jump out of bed and not be stiff and sore truly enhanced my experience.”

Mark N. from Iowa
Grand Canyon Rim to Rim- The World Outdoors


Why Fit for Trips

Do you dream of summiting Kilimanjaro?

Want to add dog sledding the Arctic to your life story?

Does paddling the Amazon River send your heart trippin’?

Whether you’re a couch potato who dreams of transforming his or her life, a weekend warrior determined to conquer Everest Base Camp or an elite athlete looking for the next challenge, Fit For Trips adventure training programs are what you need to make your dream a reality.

Benefits of Fit for Trips


You Will Stick With a Fit For Trips Program

We have become incredibly skilled at creating programs that people stick to more than ever before in their past. Our process is helped so much by Marcus’ 25+ years of experience.


You Can Feel Confident That Our Programs Are Safe

The same process we use to create programs that travelers stick with, ends up significantly minimizing the chances you will injure yourself while training for the trip you can’t afford to miss.


You Will Never Waste Time Performing Unnecessary Exercises

We pride ourselves on maximizing you time while training. Most travelers we work with have limited time to train. We’ve learned thru experience and feedback the most effect training strategies that produce the best results in less time.

Program Features


Support on the phone whenever you need and as long as you want.

Programs are customized, which means they can be modified for any reason, anytime.

Training charts that are crafted with structure and flexibility; yes, we do it repeatedly.

Videos included for exercises performed in your home or gym.



“I am back from climbing the Volcanoes in Ecuador and can report that “Fit for Trips” exercise plan worked. I was in great shape and performed beyond my expectations. In fact, the local lead guide commented: “You are really in good shape.” One of my fellow climbers asked for your site because he was so impressed with my fitness. Unfortunately terrible weather turned us back from the major summit, but I still got to 18,000 feet in a technical climb involving ropes, crampons, ice axe, etc.”

Jim M. from Michigan
Ecuador Volcano Climb | Jagged Globe

“In response to your query, let me tell you that your program is excellent. I followed your 3-month program scrupulously and am in the best shape I have been in since I was in High School. It gave me the confidence that I was certain that if I were not affected by the altitude there was no question that I would reach the summit. The altitude was not a problem and I reached the summit easily. I will certainly find other mountains to climb. I will gladly recommend you to anyone who asks and feel free to use me as a reference.”

William F. from Massachusetts
Kilimanjaro Trek Western Approach | Thomson Safaris

About Fit for Trips

At Fit For Trips, we don’t plan your trip. We don’t guide your trip. We don’t go on your trip. We simply ensure that you arrive at your destination in optimal physical shape. Doing so will provide you the best chance to enjoy the adventure exactly as your tour operator intended it to be. Created by fitness trainer and adventure enthusiast Marcus Shapiro, Fit For Trips leads the adventure travel-fitness industry with impressive – itinerary specific – resistance and endurance conditioning programs.

We’ve crafted thousands of programs and founder Marcus Shapiro has logged over 25,000 hours of training people in person.


About the Trainer

Marcus Shapiro, the lead trainer at Fit For Trips, has been training clients since 1993. He has specifically been working with Adventure travelers since 2009 by leveraging 25+ years of training experience he can skillfully create magnificent programs that are otherwise unattainable with computer bots and phone apps. Marcus’ skillful communication and empathy provide his clients with the self-assurance they will be in amazing shape come departure day.

Marcus has some of the best certifications in the industry and worked with some of the top athletes at University of Alabama, known for their elite sports programs.

Marcus believes in a philosophy- that generally healthy travelers can enjoy just about any itinerary with proper training.


“It definitely worked for me. I really appreciated being able to touch base regularly with the staff. They helped me immensely. I have NEVER been in such good shape in my life. In fact- people have asked me how I did it! I did the 9-day Kilimanjaro trek. I experience no aches, pains or any other physical ailments on the trip. No doubt this was because I was completely physically prepared. I will definitely use Fit For Trips another time. And hopefully soon- as I am now addicted to adventure!”

Meg B. from Massachusetts
Kilimanjaro Trek Western Approach | Thomson Safaris

“I was not skeptical because I know I am motivated by having a definite plan. Fit for Trips gave me that. It definitely worked. After a walking trip that proved to be more difficult than expected, I decided to train for the next one. What a difference! I was never stressed and enjoyed every day after my Fit for Trips training. I don’t have to be the first one up the hill, but I can’t stand having the group waiting for me at the top. This never happened after I trained prior to the trip.”

Patricia B. from North Carolina
Tuscany and Umbria Walking Tour | The Wayfarers

Get fit for your next adventure

Choose the duration of your custom training program that ranges between 4 weeks to 12 weeks. If however, your departure date is as far away as 6 months out we still can help. So many travelers ask us to create two programs: one to develop a strong fitness base and one that is specifically for the trip; it’s a very common request.


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