Fit for Trips Pre-Departure Fitness Programs Prepare You for Your Next Adventure

  • Customized Online Fitness Programs
  • Workouts Designed for All Fitness Levels
  • Tailored to Adventure Activity and Difficulty Level
  • Includes Full Support from Staff
training programs for adventure travel

Get Fit For Your Next Adventure

Our Fitness Program Features

All of our training programs are optimized for your trip itinerary and level of fitness and include both a resistance and an endurance training component. Customization for fitness programs are based on these personal factors:

  1. Medical History (i.e., injuries, surgeries, etc.)
  2. Activity Profile (i.e., current and past exercise experience)
  3. Available Training days and Available Equipment
  4. Itinerary or Trip Details
It definitely worked for me. I really appreciated being able to touch base regularly with the staff. They helped me immensely. I have NEVER been in such good shape in my life. In fact- people have asked me how I did it!
Meg B. from Massachusetts
Meg B. from Massachusetts
Kilimanjaro Trek Western Approach

Endurance Training

Fit for Trips is dedicated to your success. Get prepared for your next adventure.

  • Develop self-assurance to get from point A to B
  • Select more difficult itinerary options
  • Diminish chances of injury common with fatigue
  • Increased stamina to stay with the group and guide
  • Feel recovered each morning for the days activities
  • Enhanced focus for long days of exploring and learning

Resistance Training

Fit for Trips is dedicated to your success. Get prepared for your next adventure.

  • Exercises that trick your body into thinking they’ve been training on actual terrain
  • Enhance fitness components required for your trip (common enhancements)
  • Strength to climb steep ascents
  • Balance to walk over slippery ground
  • Power for jumping or bounding
  • Eccentric strength for descending steep trails
  • Mobility for navigating uneven terrain

Additional Features

Fit for Trips is dedicated to your success. Get prepared for your next adventure.

  • Begin training anywhere from 8-weeks to 6-months prior to departure
  • Choose home-based or gym-based training
  • Choose the resistance program that fits your level of experience
  • Instruction by audio, video, and personal support
  • Customization available for busy schedules, injuries, etc.
  • Access YOUR fitness program from any computer, anywhere
  • Print out your programs for convenient viewing
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed

Get Fit For Your Next Adventure

What’s Included in Our Online Adventure Travel Fitness Programs



  1. This section with the red-heart icon contains the Endurance portion of your program
  2. Every exercise program we craft for you lives here. As you prepare for each bucketlist trip, this list grows. Refer back to these programs at any time
  3. This box with the orange-arm icon contains the Resistance Training portion of your regimen
  4. This section is where you detail any personal information that helps us customize your adventure fitness routine



  1. Your entire program fits on one page to see what days you will train. Keep in mind that prior to crafting your regimen you tell us what days of the week you will exercise. There are days you can’t commit to a training day due to work-travel, etc. Programs are very flexible.
  2. Here are some enhanced features for your convenience
  3. Customize training start date
  4. Move your cursor over each rectangle to see what workout you will perform for that day. There are other simple methods for accessing the daily workouts. This is one example. Some instructions are very detailed and others less so. Support is offered to go over every detail if you prefer. Our programs are guaranteed to enhance your travel experience so we never skimp on detail; rather we enhance support.



  1. Easily access detailed training instructions and video demonstrations
  2. Look to these sections for a quick instruction reminder



  1. Videos display proper form to minimize injury and maximize results
  2. Detailed instructions to reinforce understanding of proper movement

Get Fit For Your Next Adventure