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Our training programs are optimized for your trip itinerary, level of fitness, medical history, and availability.

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Used for 300+ unique itineraries around the globe like Uganda, Patagonia, England, Italy, Iceland, Ecuador


Helped hundreds of people reach the summit of Kilimanjaro, hike the Grand Canyon rim to rim and hike the Inca Trail


Used for trips in over 30 countries, for a range of activities like trekking, skiing, backpacking, bicycling, hiking, walking

customized fitness programs for your next adventure

Our Fitness Programs Features

Our fitness training programs are optimized for your trip itinerary and level of fitness and include both a resistance and an endurance training component. Customization for fitness programs are based on these personal factors:

  • Medical History (i.e., injuries, surgeries, etc.)
  • Activity Profile (i.e., current and past exercise experience)
  • Available Training days and Available Equipment
  • Itinerary or Trip Details
  • Develop self-assurance to get from point A to B
  • Select more difficult itinerary options
  • Diminish chances of injury common with fatigue
  • Increased stamina to stay with the group and guide
  • Feel recovered each morning for the days activities
  • Enhanced focus for long days of exploring and learning
  • Exercises that trick your body into thinking they’ve been training on actual terrain
  • Enhance fitness components required for your trip (common enhancements)
  • Strength to climb steep ascents
  • Balance to walk over slippery ground
  • Power for jumping or bounding
  • Eccentric strength for descending steep trails
  • Mobility for navigating uneven terrain
  • Begin training anywhere from 8-weeks to 6-months prior to departure
  • Choose home-based or gym-based training
  • Choose the resistance program that fits your level of experience
  • Instruction by audio, video, and personal support
  • Customization available for busy schedules, injuries, etc.
  • Access YOUR fitness program from any computer, anywhere
  • Print out your programs for convenient viewing
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed

What’s Included in Our Online Adventure Travel Fitness Programs

  • Easy access to training programs and profile information
  • Program charts to track your progress
  • Detailed instructions and videos
  • In-depth videos shorten your learning curve

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What people say about our custom fitness programs

My Kilimanjaro trek with Thomson Safaris was a once in a life time experience, made even more special by the fact that I was in top physical form and fully prepared… thanks to Fit for Trips! I’ll definitely be recommending their services to future trekkers.
Katie C.
Katie C.
I didn’t realized how incredibly personalized and perfectly matched to me every single day of the program would be. It started at the exactly right level for my fitness, and built perfectly throughout the 10 weeks. During the trek, I saw how every single activity prepared me for my adventure. I had the stamina and strength to make it up and down the long hills from Lukla to Everest Base Camp (at 17,600 feet!) and back again. The program was perfectly targeted to my needs. I was thrilled with absolutely everything.
Christi W.
Christi W.
In his book “Kissing Kilimanjaro”, Daniel Dorr states that to successfully climb Kilimanjaro one needs to have three full buckets: fitness, attitude, and altitude. Thanks, Fit For Trips, for filling my fitness bucket. The program was well suited for one such as me who is not big on working out in the gym. The home version gave me the level of fitness I needed to climb the mountain. I never had to worry if my muscles would work for me…just focused on breathing!
Jane S.
Jane S.

Frequently Asked Questions

The process is straightforward and simple.

  • First, you will receive a confirmation notice about your purchase.
  • Shortly after your confirmation email you will receive an email with username, password and next steps.
  • Then you will log into your account and answer questions about medical history, current and past exercise history, home or gym training, available equipment and trip details.
  • Marcus will review your personal information and customize your program.
  • At a convenient time you will chat with Marcus on the phone to discuss your program in detail.
  • If your program does not require any modifications then it's time for you to start training.
  • We stay in touch for questions, encouragement or further modifications along the way.

Absolutely! Instead of designing your custom program around a specific trip, we’ll design it to meet your current goals. This includes, but isn’t limited to:

  • Getting in shape for local trails
  • General fitness that will enable you to hike, bike or do any kind of physically demanding activity, at any time
  • Transforming your body – adding muscle, losing fat, getting ripped, etc.

We can design a custom fitness program to get you in shape for any activity.

All our workouts are repeatable. For example, let’s say your trip is 16 weeks away. You can perform an 8-week program twice. Or, you can perform a 12-week program one time through and just repeat the last four weeks. That said, if you’re going to repeat a workout, we recommend your reaching out for a complimentary phone consultation at the end of your first program run-through. That way, we can work together to figure out the best possible plan, which may include a few modifications to the regimen at no additional cost.

Yes. Whether you’re preparing for another trip or just want to get in better shape for a local adventure, you can repeat the programs as often as you like. Before repeating programs you are welcome to contact us and discuss whether modifications are recommended. We’re happy to help at no additional cost.

In order to accommodate as many people as possible!

  • By providing a range of durations, you can start and end your program exactly on your departure date.
  • Some people are already in good shape but just want a short burst of trip-specific training as their adventure nears.
  • You’re on a tight budget and only want guidance for a short period of time.

Because every trip is completely customized, we ask that you allow up to four business days.

We leave your account open, even after your trip ends, so you'll have continuous access to your programs.

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