All of our training programs are optimized for your trip itinerary and level of fitness and include both a resistance and an endurance training component. Customization for fitness programs are based on these personal factors:
  1. Medical History (i.e., injuries, surgeries, etc.)
  2. Activity Profile (i.e., current and past exercise experience)
  3. Available Training days and Available Equipment
  4. Itinerary or Trip Details
It definitely worked for me. I really appreciated being able to touch base regularly with the staff. They helped me immensely. I have NEVER been in such good shape in my life. In fact- people have asked me how I did it!
Meg B. from Massachusetts
Meg B. from Massachusetts
Kilimanjaro Trek Western Approach

Endurance Training

Endurance Training improves your energy levels and blood circulation, helps you think clearly and push past pain and exhaustion, provides mental relief, and helps you sleep better.

  • Develop self-assurance to get from point A to B
  • Select more difficult itinerary options
  • Diminish chances of injury common with fatigue
  • Increased stamina to stay with the group and guide
  • Feel recovered each morning for the days activities
  • Enhanced focus for long days of exploring and learning

Resistance Training

Resistance Training develops muscular strength, balance, joint stability, mobility, and improves your mood.

  • Exercises that trick your body into thinking they’ve been training on actual terrain
  • Enhance fitness components required for the activities on your trip
  • Strength to climb steep ascents
  • Balance to walk over slippery ground
  • Power for jumping or bounding
  • Eccentric strength for descending steep trails
  • Mobility for navigating uneven terrain

Additional Features

Fit for Trips is dedicated to your success. Get prepared for your next adventure.

  • Begin training anywhere from 4-weeks to 6-months prior to departure
  • Choose home-based or gym-based training
  • Choose the resistance program that fits your level of experience
  • Instruction by audio, video, and personal support
  • Customization available for busy schedules, injuries, etc.
  • Access YOUR fitness program from any computer, anywhere
  • Print out your programs for convenient viewing
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed



At Fit For Trips, we don't plan your trip. We don't guide your trip. We don't go on your trip. We simply ensure that you arrive at your destination in optimal physical shape. Doing so will provide you the best chance to enjoy the adventure exactly as your tour operator intended it to be.

Created by fitness trainer and adventure enthusiast Marcus Shapiro, Fit For Trips leads the adventure travel-fitness industry with impressive - itinerary specific - resistance and endurance conditioning programs. Past clients will tell you that every trip begins with Fit For Trips...


In 1998, Marcus was reminiscing about past adventures with his wife Pam, when he discerned that their extraordinary travels were not exclusively the result of unique itineraries and knowledgeable guides. They had also benefited from confidence - self assurance achieved by applying specific training principles up to each and every trip-departue. With over twenty years of fitness experience and a passion for adventure travel, Marcus launched Fit For Trips in 2009 so that every adventurer could get fit enough to fulfill their travel bucket list. We ask for the opportunity to pass on our knowledge unto you.

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