Fit For Trips Affiliate Program and Commission Earnings

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get paid for promoting Fit For Trips services by becoming an “affiliate” and what is an “affiliate”?

Since you are marketing Fit For Trips services for a commission you are considered an “affiliate”. You will get paid for every visitor that you drive to that makes a purchase within 30 days of clicking thru from your website, email, newsletter, etc. You will post links on your site and in your emails that contain two primary pieces of information: an identification number specific to you and a URL linking to a page on The technology keeps track of when a visitor clicks from your email or website to

How much commission will I receive?

As an affiliate you will get paid a percentage of the sale. A 12-week training program that includes unlimited support and program modifications costs $420. The default rate you get paid is 25%, which is a $105 commission. During certain promotional periods Fit For Trips will up the percentage to 30% ($126) and sometimes more, which you will be notified via email. Clients will purchase anywhere between 4-weeks and 12-weeks of training prior to their departure. The software keeps track of all referrals and payouts so that no discrepancies are made manually.

Visitors that click thru your links to are traceable by the software and are tracked by what are called ‘internet cookies’ that contain your identification number. The cookies remain active for 30 days. That means that if a visitor leaves and comes back to make a purchase within 30 days you will be identified as the affiliate to receive a commission.

How do I get paid?

All you need is a PayPal account. If you don’t already have a PayPal account watch this video for simple instructions. Although the video talks about using the account to make purchases online, it’s all you need so that Fit For Trips can send your commissions.

How do I become an affiliate?

Becoming an affiliate is easy. Go to the SamCart affiliate network site here and fill out an online application. The application will ask for name, email address, password, and PayPal email address. Of course there is no fee to become an affiliate and almost everyone should be approved.

Affiliate programs are pretty simple in concept, but a lot of behind-the-scenes work is necessary to make them work properly. That is where SamCart comes in. Fit For Trips uses SamCart to keep track of affiliates, customers, and automates payouts to your PayPal account.

Once I become an affiliate how do I get started?

Watch this video. Additionally, you will receive a followup email with details for getting started.

You will also be made aware of webinars to help you understand the program as well as discuss special promotions and strategies you can use.

Affiliate Linking Methods

Informing your clients about purchasing a custom Fit For Trips fitness program can be in the form of text links (also known as a hyperlinks). The orange font (often the color blue) in the previous sentence is an example of a text link. If you click on the text ‘purchasing a custom fitness program,’ your browser will bring up the web page containing the information your clients will read to understand the details about Fit For Trips services. The advantage of text links in an affiliate program is they are ingrained in the content of your site or email and don't look so much like advertisements.

Another linking method that’s effective is adding a hyperlink to an icon like the GET FIT FOR YOUR TRIP icon below. When you click on the icon the hyperlink will - just as the text link does - bring up the web page containing Fit For Trips details. The icons/banners below contain a hyperlink just like they would on your site or email. These hyperlink examples just have the web address but your hyperlink will also contain your unique identification number.

If you are unfamiliar how to do this any web developer can do it for you in less than five minutes or teach you how to apply the simple hyperlink techniques.

Download Fit For Trips Icons and Logos

Download any of these Fit For Trips icons and Logos. You can hyperlink the affiliate code or just post them on your site.