At Fit For Trips, we don't plan your trip. We don't guide your trip. We don't go on your trip. We simply ensure that you arrive at your destination in optimal physical shape. Doing so will provide you the best chance to enjoy the adventure exactly as your tour operator intended it to be.

Created by fitness trainer and adventure enthusiast Marcus Shapiro, Fit For Trips leads the adventure travel-fitness industry with impressive - itinerary specific - resistance and endurance conditioning programs. Past clients will tell you that every trip begins with Fit For Trips...

Marcus Shapiro

Founder and Head Personal Trainer


Marcus Shapiro's career in personal training began in 1993. From the beginning, he dedicated himself to providing his clients with the highest level of commitment and service. As a result, he’s retained many clients from the early days of his practice. Marcus found time to travel many parts of the world with a level of self assurance and confidence developed thru physical training and an active lifestyle. Shapiro launched FitForTrips.com in 2009 to bolster traveler's self assurance and confidence thru personal coaching complimented with custom training programs.

Marcus continues to train some clients face to face to field test new ideas. He believes that strictly training clients in a virtual world creates a loss of empathy for what people struggle with and a sharpness in training skills to see the minutia in all exercises. He continues to educate himself with the ever evolving world of exercise and conditioning thru colleague experiences, continuing education, anecdotal client feedback and more...

Marcus received his BS in Athletic Training and shortly after earned his Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) designation. This combination is uncommon, but outstanding in the world of personal fitness training. His athletic training education has enhanced his ability to work with clients who have sustained orthopedic injuries. The CSCS designation – prevalent in collegiate, professional and Olympic conditioning coaches – ensures that clients receive the most progressive and up-to-date training techniques.

Mountain biked all over Georgia, Tsali Recreation Area in Smoky Mountains, Utah and Montana. Adventured to Galapagos Islands, Costa Rica, Kenya, Tanzania, South Pacific and more. Favorite hiking itinerary was in Arizona: Day 1 - Cathedral Rock; Day 2 - successful Mt Humphreys summit; Day 3 - successful 1 day Grand Canyon Rim to Rim crossing.

Will Burkhart

Wilderness Guide Expert


Will Burkhart’s over 30 years in competitive athletics and wilderness guiding gives him a uniquely diverse and deep wealth of experience from which to draw. As a professional adventure racer, he journeyed around the world competing in exotic locales—racing camels in Morocco, white water rafting in New Zealand, mountain biking through British Columbia and canyoneering in Switzerland.

As a high altitude mountaineer, he climbed and trained extensively in Colorado and the Pacific Northwest. Since 2014, he has travelled to Africa and South America where he summitted Mt. Kilimanjaro (19,341’) and Aconcagua (22,837’). He also has summitted the highest peak in Mexico-- Pico de Orizaba (18,491’) and been on two expeditions to Nepal, visiting Everest Base Camp and summitting Mt. Kalapatar (18,100’) and Island Peak (20,305’).

Will’s guiding background is in hiking, mountain biking, orienteering and white water rafting. He has guided two successful ascents of Aconcagua. His favorite spots in the Southwestern United States to share with clients are Grand Canyon, Havasupai and the red rocks of Sedona. He has crossed the Grand Canyon more times than he can count, including 4 rim-to-rim-to-rim trips.

In the past, he has guided for REI, National Geographic, Austin Adventures, Arizona Outback Adventures, and Just Roughin’ It. Since 2011, Will has led clients to some of the most breathtakingly beautiful locations in the southwest and the world, delivering once in a lifetime adventures.

Christian Parrett

Cycling Expert


Christian Parrett is a full-time cycling coach and former Professional Cyclist.

As a cyclist, Christian competed all over the world for the US National Team and for several professional teams, racing on 5 continents and finishing on the podium of national-level events. As a coach, Christian works with cyclists of all levels, ranging from beginners to professionals.

Christian resides in the South of France, and although he's no longer a professional cyclist, riding and training remain an important part of his life. When he's not running his coaching business or riding, Christian can be found headed to the mountains to hike or ski.

John Pinyerd

Paddling Expert


John first started paddling in a canoe when he was ten. Today, he’s a fourteen-time qualifier for the USA Canoe/Kayak Wildwater Team, an eleven-time US National Champion and a two time World Champion.

As a coach, John has produced numerous National Champions. His keys to success are good coaching, being a lifelong student and sound training techniques. When he’s not in the water, he enjoys hiking, trying to run with the dog, mountain biking, and messing around with a fly rod.